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  • Amateur
  • Semi-professional
  • Professional


  • Elite Swimming / Cycling / Running Coaching
  • Endurance-specific Strength & Conditioning
  • Basic Endurance-specific Physiological & Sport Science Testing (VO2 and Blood Lactate Profiling)
  • Swim / Cycling / Run Clinic Assessment with in Depth Video Analysis
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting (various platforms)


  • Advanced Endurance-specific Physiological & Sport Science Testing
  • Sports Nutrition - Nutrition Preparation and Delivery
  • Health and Performance Blood Tests
  • Sports Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports Massage
  • Endurance Training Routes in the UAE
  • Endurance Training with Professional Athlete
  • Endurance Coaching with Celebrity Athlete
  • Business Class Flights
  • First Class Flights
  • Private Jet
  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  • Luxury Chauffeur Service
  • Car Rental
  • Private Security
  • Social Arrangements

Triathlon Services

At FPE, we only work with the best. Our team are highly experienced and have worked with professional athletes as part of an athlete’s rehabilitation, injury prevention, conditioning and performance enhancement programme.

Our programmes are tailored to the specific athlete, or group, and key programme elements can include:

  1. Periodized  Training Plan

    A tailored training plan broken into specific time blocks with each focused on helping you achieve your training goals whilst also carefully managing recovery.
  2. Endurance, Speed, Power Development

  3. Technical Development

  4. Tactical Development

  5. Event specific training and in keeping with how the athlete is accustomed to training (based on most recent or current experiences)

  6. Development on new technical and/or physical areas

  7. Strength & Conditioning program (gym-based) to run alongside the fitness training

  8. Weekly report of sessions completed and relevant fitness and performance analysis data

  9. Endurance Training with Professional Athlete

  10. Endurance Coaching with celebrity Athlete

In addition – we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients all of the below and all in one single location for ease:

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Medical, Sports Science,
Performance Analysis and
Nutrition Support

At First Performance Endurance, we can look at the whole picture in terms of getting you, and keeping you, match fit. Our specialists include highly experienced clinical sports doctors, PhD qualified applied performance scientists, and expert coaches, who continue to work with professional athletes. 

  1. Performance Physiology

  2. Endurance-specific Strength and Conditioning

  3. Sports Nutrition - Nutrition Preparation and Delivery

  4. Health and Performance Blood Tests

  5. Sports Medicine

  6. Cardiology

  7. Radiology

  8. Orthopaedics

  9. Physiotherapy

  10. Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports Massage


We want to make your experience with us truly memorable…for all the right reasons! We can take care of all your needs throughout your trip – from flight bookings, hotels room, rounds of golf and more. Just let us know…we’ll have it covered.

  1. Business Class Flights

  2. First Class Flights

  3. Private Jet

  4. 5 Star Hotel

  5. Accommodation

  6. Luxury Chauffeur Service

  7. Car Rental

  8. Private Security

  9. Social Arrangements

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